Former family and students of Freedom: Danz Xpressionz

  1. The year was 1999, I was 13 years old and extremely nervous...I was greeted by a lady with blonde hair whom was extremely outgoing & everyone called her “Mama Shauntee”, she was also the owner’s mother...She asked my name, and introduced herself as “Ms. Keichea” little did I know this was the beginning of the best days of my life!........
    Yoronda Rembert
  2. Some of those pieces that you choreographed, continue to be some of my favorite dances of all time!!! We are more than friends, it was more than just a studio, it is our family!!!
    Chrystyna Head
  3. I remember when I auditioned to be in the X generation. Ms. Keichea you always pushed me to my fullest potential. I came to you because I felt I didn't fit in, because I was not experienced enough. You told me to go home and practice that is what I did. The next week I got better. After all these years we are still like family.. I love and appreciate you. Your a role model and you will always have a special place in my heart.
    Kelly Stachler
  4. Freedom taught you about responsibility, drugs, hygiene, as well as dance. It wasn't just about going to take your class and going to performances. If you wanted to be in a dance that was going to competition, you had to audition to be in that dance no exceptions. I am now a Junior at Wayne State University majoring in dance. I am also apart of The DTE Energy Squard for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.
    RaShawna Moore
  5. Ms. K you were also an inspiration to me. You kept me in line and you showed all of us how much you cared especially when we had practices until 12 midnight getting ready for competition. I thank you for everything and I'm ready for what is to come. I am currently a specialist at Vista Maria for juvenile girls. I will be going back to school pursuing and masters and Ph.D. In school psychology.
    Briana Quaker
  6. My experience with Freedom: Danz Xpressionz started halfway through my senior year of high school. I had no idea how it would open my eyes to the meaning of life. Freedom became my family. It helped me to gain confidence in myself and see that the world exists beyond the streets of Detroit. I've been wanting to get back to my love of dance for so long but have yet to find something that ignites my soul.
    Tyesha Flowers
  7. From day one it was a warm and welcoming environment. Shortly after registering my daughter I asked you to sponsor her in a pageant, not only did you purchase an ad you asked if she needed help with preparing for the talent portion of the pageant. You genuinely care for every student you have come in contact with. You not only cared about their dance ability, you stressed to them that education is important. Freedom was truly a family!
    Alicia Smith
  8. FDX helped me learn foundation & dance technique, gave me great competition experiences, & blessed me with wonderful sisters & a dance family that I'm still close to today. I just graduated from Southfield High School as dance commander in Marching Band, & plan to take my dancing talents to Fisk University in the fall. I am also majoring in Business Administration to own a dance company.
    Ramoni Overton
  9. FDX had the most talented dancers in the world in our companies. The choreography was tight! I will always remember the award winning danzers and danzing. I will never forget the routine that was performed to Night Over Egypt. It was almost as awesome as Tina, Jamela and Jonathan hip-hop dancing on pointe!
    Mama Pam Wilkins
  10. Jonathan started his professional dance career at freedom teaching ballet and tap to younger danz students at Freedom. He went on to attend Interlochen Arts Academy as a dance major, professional dancer on NCL Cruise Line, soloist in the show Jubilee in Las Vegas and is currently performing at the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, France.
    Mama Pam Wilkins
  11. Majority of the people I met at freedom are still my loving FAMILY today. One thing Freedom Truly taught me is DONT give Up. Things may not happen as fast as you want them too but they will eventually happen. It was hard for me to transition from studios once freedom closed. I am currently a Senior at Marygrove College Majoring in Arts and Child Development.
    DeA'sia Head
  12. I am a navy vet and a mother of 3 at the age of 23. The impact that FDX has had on my life is to never give up do my best and to never let my fears get in the way, and if I'm really passionate about something to just go for it and give it my all. Thank you for the chance to be apart of the FDX family and alumni.
    Shanice Petybaboo-Deas